Revisiting those Tulip magnolia flowers

With the really old (ancient) is wisdom and with more years added to your age your understanding increases . Job 12:12 ( Sandy hopes!) This arrangement was inspired by seeing some delicate Chinese paintings which I very much enjoyed. The vase photograph is from a different angle as my son looked and said : ”Continue reading “Revisiting those Tulip magnolia flowers”

Viburnum farreri twigs revisited after a year.

We have to understand that we are going to die, so we can be wise. Psalm 90: 12 (Sandy’s understanding.) Last year in my post viburnum farreri twigs in December bloom I showed blooms covering knarled wood. This year the buds are brown and shrivelled with only a few flowers. The timing of our twoContinue reading “Viburnum farreri twigs revisited after a year.”

Evergreen Spindle, gold dust plant and Holly. Yellow on green.

Angels are there for you. They come from the Lord and are around you to protect you. Psalm 34 : 7 (Sandy’s understanding, yours may be different.) Here are some thoughts about patterns: Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns, so that each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization ofContinue reading “Evergreen Spindle, gold dust plant and Holly. Yellow on green.”

Three green Hellebore and two rose centres

For we argue in our minds and conversations not with people but with powerful rulers of darkness in this world (Satan and His angels that were cast out from heaven). So then put on the armour of God so that you can withstand the fight for your mind. Put truth around your most delicate intimateContinue reading “Three green Hellebore and two rose centres”

Happy New Year from the BBC! and sandyroybess🤗❤🥰

“Behold, I come quickly : blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of this book.” Says the Lord God. Then ” I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end , the first and the last.” John was overwhelmed after he saw and heard these things and he fell down toContinue reading “Happy New Year from the BBC! and sandyroybess🤗❤🥰”

Day lily, Iris and garlic leaves

Don’t be afraid; I am with you, don’t be disappointed; for I am your God: I will strengthen you; I will help you; I will hold you strongly with my right arm of my righteousness (not yours) Isaiah 41 : 10 (Sandy’s understanding) In the tall glass vase the day lily leaves hang limp andContinue reading “Day lily, Iris and garlic leaves”

Seven Roses, a sunset, silk on the loom and a squash/pumpkin.

Jesus asked this question: Who do people say I am? His friends said : Some say John the Baptist others say Elijah and mostly they say you are a prophet. Then Jesus asked this question: Who do you say I am? The friends all stayed quiet. But then Peter said: You are the Christ. ThenContinue reading “Seven Roses, a sunset, silk on the loom and a squash/pumpkin.”

Remembering leaving our child with aunty C.

…and Mary put her hands supportively around Jesus small body as she wrapped him and then gently laid Him in a manger… Luke 2 : 7 ( Sandy’s description.) A baby, namely a first baby belonging to Sandy mustn’t cry. Why should he cry? I was there and I was totally in love with him.Continue reading “Remembering leaving our child with aunty C.”