These 6 no 7things the Lord hates. They are an abomination.

1 a proud look

2 a lying tongue

3 hands that shed innocent blood

4 a heart that devises wicked imaginations

5 feet that run to mischief quickly

6 a false witness

7 a person who sows discord among his/her brothers/sisters

Proverbs 6:16-19

Let these not be part of how we travel and live each day. Good advice.😁


27 May 2021

We left Beehive Lane at 12am for Matlock. Did a good walk to the Black Rock and back along the canal. Stayed free of charge in the beautifully situated Cromford Wharf car park. Woke to ducks and canal surroundings

28 May to 30May

York Rowntree Caravan Park. Very clean big covid safe toilets and showers for men and women separately. Good size site with short beautiful walk to the city. Brilliant Italian restaurant on the way. People often queuing for ice cream. Enjoyed fig and blood orange.


After zoom sabbath school did a walk on Levisham Moor. Parked at Hole of Horcum where the walk began. After the walk Roy went for a sleep with Bess joining him on the back comfy double bed. It was a very hot walk.

29 May.My notes record the food for this day enjoyed in York. A unique place to sit and enjoy a “super greens drink”.

Walking the walls. It was very quiet with very few if any foreign visitors. We only noticed at the end of the day that Bess had been an illegal companion. She had loved it as we did the whole circle. I guess if it had been crowded it would have been a problem.

The lunch meal was at the Italian.Sour dough bread with smashed avocado poached eggs and chilli on top. Delicious.

30 May

The town and then a Ghost walk in the evening. We are lucky Bess loves Bugzy and left her happily sleeping.

31 May – 3 June

Bess loves to use the table to look out.

Fir Tree Farm CL site. One very clean loo with a shelf of books. No shower. Beautifully situated. I must share the field and sunset from Bugzy.

Our Yorkshire sunset. Glorious.
Buttercups at sunset.
Bugzy parked up next to a butter cup field

On our way we stopped in Thirsk of James Herriot fame and Rippon.


Walked around Fountains Abbey with a free guide. Enjoyed every minute.We joined the National Trust birthday gift to Roy.

The fountains part of a World Heritage Site.
Fountains Abbey. Unbelievably started by 7 monks moving away from York and wanting a more austere life. A wealthy well known Bishop retired with them and the money pored in until they owned 2 ships just for what they exported as well as many granges in the area. Facinating history.
Walking to and from the Abbey the field was a childhood’s dream of endless buttercups.

June 2

A frustrating day in Harrogate. Difficult to park, bedding flowers being changed. Covid queues at Betty’s tea room and Roy had Bugzy’s rear right wheel guard ripped off on a narrow road. On the way back visited some amazing stones only a mile or so from the CL site.

Bugzy’s damage.
Bess loved climbing and running on these.

June 3

We decide not to go on to Richmond as planned but rather return home.

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