Proverbs 11: 12

He that is void of wisdom despiseth his neighbour: but a man of understanding holdeth his peace.

CL sites/Caravan Park

19July – 22 July Phillimoor Garden Center Caravan Park : Large individual sites surrounded by fruit trees that bear well. It is well away from the road. The showers are push button with male and female using same block.

23 July High Town House CL site.Showers immaculate 5min. for £1.

Used the park and ride to get into Cambridge £3 each free for Bugzy. Bess hurried up the stairs and was very satisfied with sitting on my lap and looking out from the top deck with covid no-one was upstairs. We did The Backs, an area behind the Colleges with large open lawns and mature trees. Bess stretched out in the shade as we tucked into a picnic lunch and then managed to greet the gate keeper of Trinity College twice. Roy was put off by some work being done and the map showed a part that we could have walked if things were normal but they aren’t.

Bess is hot and Sandy is pulling her tongue in. The top of the bus has no-one but us.
The gate keeper of Trinity College greets Bess.
A Chelsea bun with sweet apricot glaze part of a picnic packed lunch bought at Fitzbillies £10 each.
Bess watching the ducks.
Bess sees Lucky
It is love at first sight. They take part in a chase and Bess is exhausted by it so much so that she doesn’t go walking with Roy and Lucky’s owner. She returns alone to Bugsy to cool down. Poor Bess. We used a wet towel and a cooling mat.

Cambridge Botanical garden wild flower bed and daisy bed were special in July. I was fascinated by Sir Isaac Newton’s tree.

See sign below.

After 4 nights at Phillimoor we went on to spend a night at High Town House in Rattlesden in Suffolk. Where a full moon rose and set outside Bugzy’s windows. I knew about this because I managed to fall flat on my chest that evening and the pain only started to come through that night.At least I had the romantic moon shine.

High Town House Rattlesden.
Fisherman’s pond with Bugzy parked up in the distance.
Bess enjoyed the water fowl from Bugzy’s window early the next morning.

The Italian gardens and grounds of Ickworth were then explored from here. It was so hot that the sheep hardly budged when Bess and Roy walked past.

Well manicured Italian gardens Ickworth
Walking along the river path which was all but dried up at Ickworth
Sheep needing shade on one of the hottest days this summer with Amber warnings for heat.

Our last day, Friday we spent at Lavenham the best preserved Medieval village in Britain.. The ancient buildings their colours and charm captured our imaginations of a time when things were crafted. A smock in the museum made for a man to work in the field is a fine example.

Lavenham’s once upon a time wealth reflected in the architecture of approximately 500 years ago.

Bess was left in Bugzy while we explored the town we then took her to lunch with us where she promptly charmed the waitress who gave her dog biscuits and a bowl of water. A diner on the next table then asked for a cuddle and Bess with a wagging tail obliged. She then sat happily watching people go by greeting the occasional dog. Brits seem to travel with their dogs most motor home owners have one. Super for us.

After a lunch of sweet potatoe pie with cheese sauce and steamed seasonal vegetables, which we enjoyed from a hotel in the main square, we drove home. We arrived back at 6pm with 3 hours to get ready for Sabbath.

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