Learning to drive and wanting a car

Friends, don’t be children in understanding be adults! When it comes to planned evil be as weak as a young child! 1Corinthians 14:20 (Sandy’s wording.) Usually at the weekends I try to write a little from what I remember of my life… with travelling now in Greece I am a little late this week. TheContinue reading “Learning to drive and wanting a car”

Stoupe and Kalogria

What is sparkle?The sea sparkles.The crown sparkles.The eyes of a person may sparkle.But how does it really sparkle?The sun plays on the sea.The light on the purity of a stone in the crown.The thoughts of a person in the mind then through the eyes.Our looking! Our understanding!Nothing sparkles in the dark.The Son of righteousnessThe AlmightyContinue reading “Stoupe and Kalogria”