My first memories of being with my in-laws.

When we receive Christ by believing in His name. He gives us power to become the children of God… He does this by His will.

John 1: 12,13 ( Sandy’s understanding)
In an album with the photographs I took at this time is this little cartoon my father-in-law drew and gave to us. In his drawing: that is the gas fire , the hallway we redecorated and yes even the electric blanket. My memory is all summed up in his cartoon.

Arriving in the dark, an unknown world to me, cold but /and….?

We step out of the plane at Heathrow and onto the underground bound for London, King ‘s Cross, then we catch a train to Wakefield , Yorkshire . Not too long and there they were my new Mum and Dad -in- law ,with Jackie their black and white Jack Russel tucked under Dad’s arm , standing in the light of the platform at 3am in the morning. They had been waiting for quite a while.

Their home and our home for six weeks was in Skelmanthorpe Yorkshire. Our room was very cold but that first night we appreciated the electric blanket on our bed. Infact the whole house was very cold except for one room, a dining room/ living room which had a gas fire on all day. That one room made sure we all got to know each other very well.

Between Christmas and New Year we helped mum and dad steam, scrape and peel off the hallway wall paper. There were several layers! I had never done this before, we had always painted our walls. Mum mixed glue/paste that smelt of pig’s hoof and taught me how to lay out the paper and brush on just the right amount. Dad and Roy both tall would then hang it. The paper was white and clean with embossed bunches of flowers and well spaced fine vertical lines. We had just finished and then it snowed.

The snow was a thick covering that muffled all sound and thrilled every part of me. My nostrils burnt with each breath and steam came from my mouth, my eyes squinted against the suns reflected light and whiteness felt all part of me. In the distance the hills were covered leaving them shapely against the blue of the sky. I was so happy.

Walking out in it made me playful. I jumped over a snow covered low wall to hide from everyone but the drop on the other side had less snow and it was further down than I expected. I fell. My ankle soon swelled up. It was hard to get my boot off . I could no longer walk far and at Mum’s insistence I stayed sitting with my foot up on a stool and then to keep me busy she got me peeling little wrinkled apples that she turned into apple pie or froze . Roy as a consequence went for his interview in Windsor alone. I was so looking forward to going but it was not to be….

An unknown world to me and exciting!

Here are some sayings about snow:

The first snow is like the first love. Lara Biyuts

Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when they stick together. Vista M Kelly.

When snow falls nature listens.

Antoinette van Kleef

We ate travelling and I guess this will come from France. We have no defined route but I hope you enjoy being with us.

sandyroybessbugsy 🤗❤🥰🙂

5 thoughts on “My first memories of being with my in-laws.

  1. How special is this! Wish your in laws could read it. I love seeing bits of your life I didn’t know about, and here I thought I knew you so well. xx. Keep writing.


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