Pink mums,brown and white hebes and budlia.

“Who is this? “

A question about a man riding on a donkey with a crowd showing great excitement and affection. The person was …

This is My beloved Son” Matt. 3:17 said God.

The Prince of the powers of darkness / satan acknowledges Him , saying, ” I know Thee who Thou art, the Holy One of God. ” Mark 1: 24

The disciples told the rules of Jerusalem exactly who Jesus was. No fake but the Redeemer of the world. Matthew 21: 1-11

Dry mid summer flowers attached to smaller autumn flowers. All of them are in a Beswick vase made in 1993 and next to it a hand painted Beswick, standing Mallard duck .
A sad story follows of Beswick being taken over .
After many successful years, Beswick was sold in 1969 to Doulton and Co. Then in 1989 the Beswick name was sold to Royal Doulton at which time the production of the Beatrix Potter characters was stopped. Then by the end of 2002 Royal Doulton ceased production of all Beswick products and in 2003 the Gold Street works were sold off to property developers.
The end of Beswick .
Doulton’s clusters of flowers. Clay transformed into a pretty flower. These are sold in charity shops carefully made but out of fashion … now notice the flowers in the vase. I was fascinated that both the butterfly shrub and the hebe were blooming again. Each dry, mid summer flower had a miniature autumn flower next to it. The contrast of dry brown and fresh white was irresistible.
So, both, together went into the vase with the pink Chrysanthemums

Some interesting thoughts not my own but with no given author:

Characterise people by their actions and you will never be fooled by their words.

As we grow up, we realise it becomes less important to have a ton of friends, and more important to have real ones.

Never be a prisoner of your past. It was just a lesson, not a life sentence.

It is Monday. A week still lies ahead. May it be full of interest and real joy.

Sandy 🙂

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