And this Gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world, to every single nation and then the end will come. Jesus says this in the Bible.

Matthew 24:14 ( an interesting chapter)

Through the windows of the ferry looking towards the White cliffs of Dover and then…
…the beaches of Dunkirk.
The sands I stood on like many and varied forms of dirt in many lands
was once soaked in blood.
These were clean, almost bleached white and very soft today.
Everything was soft the clouds, the sea, the grass.
Could 17,000 men have oozed their life blood out in such a place?
Their equipment is still being found!
All battle scars in tact but nicely cleaned and in the museum.
(Why not leave it clean and never use it? just a thought.)
There is this new monument just opposite the museum built in 2017.
A huge hourglass called
‘Le Sablier’
and this is what is written on a plaque. “The hourglass is to represent the trickle of men leaving the coast of France,

as well as a reversal of fortune, with defeat turning into victory.”

All to remember operation Dynamo.

Here are a few hourglass quotes:

Our lives are but specks of dust falling through the fingers of time. Like sands of the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.


I wish I had the power to flip my reality upside down like an hourglass, and that life wasn’t a finite affair, but rather a perpetually recurring passage through a hole in time. (Wow I don’t know about this! Maybe only on a good day!🤣)

Anne Fortier 1971 Danish Canadian writer.

Jumping over times, turning the accomplishment of many years into an hourglass.

William Shakespeare.

I hope all is well. We are experiencing a lot of short but heavy showers of rain here in Dunkirk. Thank you sharing time with us today as we travel.

sandyroybessbugsy 🤗❤🥰🙂

One thought on “Dunkirk

  1. Oh wow! This is profound… You write so well! How wonderful it was to chat yesterday – you in Dunkirk, me on the Chobe. What a blessing. xx


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