A glass box of primary colours

They brought Jesus some children because they wanted Him to put His hands on them, and pray. The disciples told them to go away but Jesus said bring the little children to me and don’t stop them, for of such is the kingdom of heaven. And Jesus laid His hands on them.

Matthew 19 : 13-15
Red, Yellow and Blue. Young children love bright primary colours because their eyes are undeveloped and they can see these more clearly. However, for us as adults these colours represent different feelings :

red – enthusiasm, passion, security, vitality and warning of danger

yellow- energy, warmth,happiness, clear thinking but too much yellow is judgemental and critical.

blue – peace, relaxation, stability, calm, communication, knowledge

The human mind has no more power of inventing a new value than of planting a new sun in the sky or a new primary colour in the spectrum.

C S Lewis

Thankfully, God has shown us that hope , in its million different forms always springs from three primary colours justice, mercy and love.

Author Richard Dainstrom
Laurel standing in candle form on a ‘shelf’ of shiny,  leathery,  green leaves. 
Laurel flowers taking shape in the glass cube before the primary colours are added.
3red tulips, 3yellow daffodils ,3grape hyacinths added to the few clusters of laurel.

Little hands

Little hands clapping

Children are happy

Little hands loving all around the world

Little hands

A world with no pain for one and all.

By  Skip Spence who was diagnosed with Schitzophrenia in the middle of recording an album with the band Moby Grape.  His solo album was dismissed  as ” crazy music”, but maybe his lyrics were speaking about his condition.  The special words above  are some words from his song, that I must admit I haven’t listened to yet. 

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