Day 9 in France: Angouleme.

From Shelly to Sandy.
Roy, Bess and me in strong shadow form outside the church..
Liberty(freedom to choose), Fraternity(brotherly and sisterly kindness)and Equality(all made by God)

This city has a National Comic Strip Museum and hosts a comic festival every January.

This is a small sample of the art work on the buildings…
… here too
and also here!
This is usually of interest to some of us.
Raoul Verlet’s 1897 statue displays an angel foot from behind. The whole statue is turned to the town and away from the view over the valley. It is in memory of the President of the Republic, Sadi Carnet who had been assassinated 3 years earlier.
A plant of size with appropriate structures in the background.
Stately official buildings.
The old city high on a hill inviting you to walk or…
play a sun dappled game of Boulles. Two French men engrossed in their game.
The walk down to the lower city.
Zinnias and others!
Scratches on Bugzy’s window, a jolt while taking the shot and here is my painting of movement. Too much of that today.

Bugzy with her shadow. We covered 150 miles/ approx. 250km today in autumnal sunshine. We are in the Dordogne tonight.

Thank you Shelly 😊

2 thoughts on “Day 9 in France: Angouleme.

  1. The beautiful (buildings), the hilarious (graffiti), the interesting (history) and best of all, the promise that bad times don’t last forever. Love you sis! Good to see a bit of you all 🥰


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