Day 8 Chateaux de Montreuil-Bellay

Autumn mists lifting at about 11:30 am. In this picture we are leaving the free sleep over night parking area.
Crumbling textured castle wall in contrast with Old Man’s Beard.
A tower
Stairs up to the tower. In the tower is a ‘model room’. It has painted pictures/models of what artists between 1417-1488 generously decorated the ceilings of the castle with in the form of paintings and sculptures. These artists at this time were overflowing with creativity their inspiration came from ancient Biblical, Far Oriental and Celtic cultures. They created brave combat between light and gloom, as well as men longing to triumph over death and make their way to God.
Notice the two devourers, themselves devoured by their passions, trying to gulp in the evil living below, notice the anger in their eyes. Then more stairs up to a second tower and more ‘models’ of what can be found in large numbers (about 70) carvings 7.5m up on beams 7.8m long 95cm wide and 1.25high as part of ceiling decorations in the “new castle “1417 to 1488.
Each animal has a symbolic meaning. For example the dog can be fierce, a scavenger very close to the wolf, but it can also be the patient guardian of its master. The courageous companion of man for hunting and fighting. It’s a symbol of faithfulness, obedience and devotedness.
More of what is carved on the Castle ceiling beams.
More weathered steps to the top of the castle walls
Autumn being shot at through an arrow slit.
An enlarged crumbling slit allowing a view of the Thouet river.
From the walls to the castle rooves to the church spire right in the middle but outside the castle walls.
The Church and a rose.
A castle built on the site of a Gallo- Roman village and still a home! No pictures allowed in the furnished rooms. Absolutely beautiful copper saucepans in the Medieval kitchens.

4 thoughts on “Day 8 Chateaux de Montreuil-Bellay

  1. Those castles look like settings for fairy tales but the artwork is freaky😳🤭😁. Miss seeing you guys in the photos. And Bess😄

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