Day 7 of being in France. From Montsoreau to Souzay-Champigny and the Castle at Saumur. Cycling most of the time.

My sister Shelly made me a memory book of things we experienced together as girls growing up. She also filled it with joyfully and reassuring verses. I will share two of them; one at the beginning and one at the end of this blog.

The village of Montsoreau.

Please notice the Loire as seen straight through the house. The road curved round with no pavement and I saw what I thought was a reflection but you can see dining room chairs as well. The window dressing is also delicate.
Plants making a welcome with red and white checked curtains and red door.
One statement ivy on a corner door.
Late red and pink roses with pale blue door and shutters.


In the village of Souzay-Champigny we were able to cycle through this medieval tunnel system carved out of the cliffs. The tunnel system was originally created from quarrying Tuffeau stone which was used to build the many castles in this region. The quarried caverns then became cheap frame works for medieval living spaces. These are called Troglodyte houses.
This home is partly carved out and then fronted. Some homes were totally cave homes like in Granada Spain. Cool in summer and warm in winter.
This was part of the same building. Spiders being creative with the window dressing.

Chateau-Musee de Saumur

Bess from her seat on Roy’s bike looking down from the ramparts. She enjoyed running free for most of the way on a light filled, forested cycle way.
From Shelly to me with her love and now to you my wider audience.

4 thoughts on “Day 7 of being in France. From Montsoreau to Souzay-Champigny and the Castle at Saumur. Cycling most of the time.

  1. You’re seeing different, unusual places. Wouldn’t move living in a troglodyte house😁. Maybe it would be a bit chilly.

    Now you’re blessing me with those verses too. 🥰


  2. Sandy you are so lucky to have a sister like Shelly and beautiful memories. Now you are making more and I love to read and see lovely pictures of your adventures with Roy and Bess! Enjoy!


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