Japanese barberry, Ivy and the September Roses.

God is the only one who can make the valley of trouble a door of hope. The valley of Achor: a door of hope is how it is said in Hosea 2: 15. (Bible)

Hosea 2:15
Above is the Japanese Barberry in the garden with crimson, tear shaped berries and leaves going from green to maroon. While working with its thorny twigs I felt a soft body a Barberry webworm. This is a caterpillar that often makes webs on twigs and eats the Barberry leaves.
The caterpillar found eating the Barberry leaves. There were six I spotted on the twigs I brought in.
Barberry, Ivy with berries, that will turn black in the winter, and 3 Chinese Chive flowers in a glass cube bought for £3. It had, had ground in it and to get it clean I pulled roots away from its sides. It has come up perfect not a scratch. It is a simple arrangement and could stay as it is BUT…
The roses have fully opened from yesterday…
Even the small bud is bigger
And here are all of them including Bouncing Bess from yesterday. They are together with my most favourite jug and little tortoise.

3 thoughts on “Japanese barberry, Ivy and the September Roses.

  1. Thank you for that verse. I’ve never noticed it before – the valley of trouble becomes a door of hope. I LOVE that.
    Can you eat those berries? What does that caterpillar become? cx


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