September Roses and Bouncing Bess

Give thanks to the Lord for His unfailing love.

The Bible Psalm 107 : 31

My white roses are still struggling with pink spots, Botrytis , however they are still perfectly formed with a wonderful scent. It is said that white and yellow roses often smell of violets, nasturtium and lemon. The scents are released when Roses are ready to be pollinated. It is said half open flowers have a stronger scent and it is strongest in the morning. Notice how there is a double curling of the petals in the centre of our garden roses. Their scent is wonderful at the moment as they are not fully open.

3 stems of Bouncing Bess and the Botrytis is matched and “enhanced.”🙂
This is another charity shop find from about 10 years ago. I find its elegance with a raised flower formation on its side suits simple arrangements. It is marked Kaiser West Germany.

To love someone is to show to them their beauty, their worth and their importance.

2 thoughts on “September Roses and Bouncing Bess

  1. You find such lovely stuff🥰. My Roses struggled terribly with botrytis (new word for me😁) in the cape. Now they struggle with bushbuck and I’ve about given up🙄. Clever to match the rose problem with other flowers!


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