Herbs and flowers

In the Bible in Genesis 4. Cain kills his brother Able because God accepts Able’s obedience of bringing a lamb as a sacrifice and not vegetables as Cain brought. God sends fire down from heaven to burn Able’s sacrifice but no fire for Cain’s. In jealousy Cain kills Able. As punishment God does not kill Cain instead God tells him that the ground will not produce well for him and that he will not have a settled life. Cain is afraid he will be killed but God says he will put a mark on him that anyone who kills Cain will have 7 times vengeance on him. This is the first punishment and first murder in the Bible. Jealousy is the cause. Satan has always been jealous of God and jealousy should never be ignored in our lives.

Our garden Mint and Camomile in flower.
The herbs: Blue mint flowers, trailing Rosemary and white Camomile. The flowers: pink , red and white Zinnia, orange Marrigold
Zinias growing in the garden.

I have used a disk of metal pins to hold the flowers. There is moss on top to hold the thin herb stems in the pins.

Marigolds in garden sunshine.

Any man/ woman, be he/she minister or layman, who seeks to compel or control the reason of any other man or woman, becomes an agent of Satan, to do his work, and in the sight of the heavenly universe he/ she bears the mark of Cain.

Manuscript 29, 1911 E.G White

God gives sufficient light and evidence to enable man to distinguish truth from error. But he does not force man to receive truth. He leaves him free to choose the good or to choose the evil. If man resists evidence that is sufficient to guide his judgement in the right direction, and chooses evil once, he will do this more readily the second time. The third time he will still more eagerly withdraw himself from God and choose to stand on the side of Satan. And in this course he will continue until he is confirmed in evil, and believes the lie he has cherished as truth.

(MS 126, 1901)

Jesus says talking about His death on the cross. “if I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all people unto me.”

John 12 : 33

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  1. I think sometimes we don’t even realise that our negative feelings towards people are actually a result of our jealousy/envy.

    Gorgeous arrangement.

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