Happy/blessed are those who show kindness to the poor: the Lord will deliver them in the time of trouble. David as King is saying this. “There will always be those better and less fortunate than yourself. Be kind.” Mum being a nurse would often say this with conviction.

Psalm 41 : 1

The location of Methoni Castle provides natural protection and serves commercial and navigation needs. It has been continuously inhabited:

8-7 centuries BC. (mentioned by ancient historians)

5 century BC (Peloponnesian wars)

354 BC is occupied by Philip II of Macedonia

191 BC joins the Achaean confederacy

Roman times the city gains its autonomy through the favour of Emperor Trajan.

We are walking through this ancient site to an almost intact Venitian building.

It is the last building to meet the sea.(Press on the picture to see it more clearly.) A Venetian dome roof built 1206 – 1500, we are going to walk through the arches that once had gates, pass a lot of broken city walls, a destroyed town , once built amongst ruins that were already there , and eventually look up from the inside into its dome.
The Venetians came in during an invasion in 1125 and destroyed the city walls. They ruled twice from 1206 – 1500 and 1686- 1815.
We can now see the dome through the gate. The field we are walking through has structures some more together than others. It was a town , Venetian, Turkish and in 1828 the town surrendered to the French without resistance .
They planned a modern city outside the walls and to prevent the spread of epidemics destroyed the dwellings inside the walls.
One of the arches well below ground that I peered into and saw a good size room.
There is sea on both sides as you cross to this prominent four storey structure. The wind is fierce today.
We are nearly there.
I wonder how people felt who were needing its safety.
Looking up through the building you can see where the wooden floors were.

In 1500 Sultan Bayezit conquers the castle after a long siege. This would have been the Venetian’s safe haven but absolutely everyone is killed. Then during the Greek revolution in 1821 the castle is a refuge for the Muslim population and in 1825 Ibrahim Pasha establishes his Turkish- Egyptian army here… then back to my introduction…

The seeds from yesterday , as seen today
and will they be here tomorrow?
The castle area was full of wild flowers and grasses in seed.

Thank you for being with us in Methoni the old town. Our park up was along side a windy beach where we started to walk towards the castle.

Looking from Bugzy with some well aged and weathered trees being whipped by the fierce wind.

Take care. Happy to share but I am just not terribly good at reading too. Will try and catch up.

Sandy 🙂

7 thoughts on “Methoni

  1. Sandy I do love the old weathered stones and wild flowers making their home there. What a place this world of ours has been and still is. Hope the wind has subsided. It looks fierce. Enjoy exploring🐝


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