Ioannina and lake Pamvotis

There is an event where Jesus asked his disciples to cast their nets on the other side of the boat and they caught an awful lot! Jesus then cooked them fish and gave them bread to eat. A simple meal cooked for them. The third time that he had shown Himself to them after rising from the grave. This is found in a chapter full of interest.

John 21: 1-14

Ioannina is a regional capital on lake Pamvotis , which is 8km long and 4km wide. It is the lake that we will look at first.

The campsite where you can park is just behind this bench.
The mountains in the distance are part of the Pindus.
We have mountains on all sides.

In the waters of the lake is an endemic fish, found only in Greece. There is a fascinating account that Arostotle spent a lot of his time in Asia Minor investigating fish. In the History of Animals he reported on the odd behaviour of a male fish that guarded its young by attacking predators and fish hooks by disturbing the water and grunting. For years it was thought that Aristotle was reporting a fanciful tale, but in the mid- 19th century Agassiz discovered that there really was a fish that did this. It was named after Aristotle so with Common, Bighead and Prussian Carp there is also the fresh water loving Aristotle catfish.

I googled thus picture and forgive me I am not sure how I actually got it. (I try things and sometimes they work.)

A cycle ride from the camp site to Ioannina.

Last night the bells rang and there were fireworks but now it is quiet with a few restaurants open.

In the distance the clock tower with the Greek flag.
Let us go into the old town…
A carefully constructed bend. No straight through here…built before 1020 by the Byzantine Empire…
Then into a courtyard. Another bend in the path…
We are in the grounds of the Aslan Pasha Mosque built by him in 1618 it now houses a small collection of artefacts. But before that…

I was naturally drawn to a complex of ruins covered in flowers as can be seen in this picture.
(Just made for them.πŸ™‚)
I am not sure of this identification but here it is
Aurinia saxatilis or
Basket- of -gold.
It deserves a name as it is growing everywhere.

Now after that distraction let us have a look inside:

These chairs with inlaid mother of pearl are Turkish.

Shoes given as one of the gifts by the groom to the bride before their marriage.

We end back at the lake with the fresh water that constantly changes with the sky.

Here are some fish jokes:

Why are fish so gullible?

They fall for things hook,

line and sinker!

Why is it so easy to weigh fish?

Because they have their own scales!

What kind of music should you listen to while fishing?

Something catchy!

How do you communicate with a fish.

Drop a line.

Thank you for looking at Ioannina. There are other stories that could be told… but maybe another time…

Sandy πŸ™‚

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