Megalo Papioko

Paul left Athens and met up with some tent makers from Italy, Aquila and Priscilla and they worked together in Corinth making tents. Paul didn’t forget that he was a teacher though and every Sabbath he went to the synagogue where he reasoned and persuaded the Jews and Greeks that Jesus was the Christ.

Acts 18: 1-5 Sandy’s understanding.

Megla Papioko is a Zagorian village situated on Astraka, one of the highest peaks of Mount Tymfi, alias Gamila.

The village is built of the local lime stone, blending in with its surroundings. The background shows Astraka as we saw it dwarfing the village.

This vast range of mountains, the Pindos , stretch from the Greek border with Albania south beyond Metsovo. It then extends east into Macedonia and west towards the Ionian Sea. The peaks are snow-covered from October until May and they show the rugged side of Greece.

The shops are warmly inviting with wood fires and friendly owners .This particular village is one of the most beautiful villages of Zagoria.

The village car park of Megalo Papioko allows for 3 camper vans and as the village lights came on we were the only ones sleeping there. The night drew in and the place became silent. A deep silence. There were thick clouds and the mountain seemed hidden .

It was late into the night when we heard a moving sound getting closer, deeper and heavier and all of a sudden bugzy rocked then was perfectly still. This happened several times enough to make us alert for the next almighty thunder roll that echoed through the mountains. From then on it rained heavily, stopped started again then went soft, soft, hard, harder then almost deafening this pattern continued for the rest of the night. By morning the mountains were whiter the village streets a brighter grey and by mid morning the sun was shining like nothing had happened.

Sunny stone streets with more fresh snow on Mount Astraka.
Walking a little way from the village were pools where the rock folded in smooth steps worn by ancient water flows.
A fascinating natural carving going up the mountain.
Slippery but a good place in the sun.

Here is a video taken while going down the mountain. I didn’t take much going up. It was a good road but you had to stay alert.

Coming down from the village of Megalo papioko.

Here is a quote from an interesting person. I will give you a link to read about him after the quote. Press on his name.

Greece – The feeling of being lost in time and geography with months and years hazily sparkling ahead in a prospect of inconjecturable magic.

Patrick Leigh Fermor 1915 – 2011 an English writer, scholar, soldier and polyglot. He was widely seen as Britain’s greatest living travel writer on the basis of books such as A Time of Gifts.

Thank you for continuing to be with us. This is a special experience we are more than happy to share.

Sandyroybessbugzy 🙂

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