Remembering how it was for three Mums…

God compares Himself to a hen gathering her chicks to keep them under her wings. Then He says: “You are really not interested, are you. You show this by stoning and killing the prophets and because of this your house is going to be desolate”… Then Jesus says ” You will not see me until you say , Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord.”

Matthew 23: 37 -39 (Sandy’s understanding. This chapter 23 and 24 is quite a read. It is often all in red to show that Jesus is speaking.)
Mum Dorothy looking out over the daffidols while standing with our son on the walls of York.
My mum playing with our eldest son in Africa.
Pachalan Purdy.
Roy with our eldest on his back the Dad of our two children.
Me with our two children .

In England Mother’s Day is the third Sunday in March so it has a different date each year. Our youngest son was born on Mother’s Day.

There was snow on the daffidols as I went through our front door. Two days earlier I had almost knelt at that door waiting for aunty C to come in so I could get to the hospital. Now our baby was here. Life was with a family of four.

My Mum didn’t come over from Africa to be with us for several reasons. My sister had , had a new baby in February with her two boys only 18 months apart Mum had just had a busy time with her. I don’t even know if at this time she was still with my sister. I also didn’t feel like having two energetic mid- fifty year olds in such an interesting country. Traveling with a new baby and a three year old didn’t seem appealing, yet I knew I would feel selfish not to show them interesting places.

Mum and Dad didn’t come. I know my Mum felt sad about that.

Dorothy my mother-in- law arrived the next day to help. She and Brian had a busy life in Yorkshire. Dad was a Pastor and he was the sort who visited people in their homes and Mum according to him had to be part of that. Dad Brian was I am sure relieved to have her back early. Why you may ask.

With mum and me looking after the home Roy started opting out. He decided to become active collecting for charity which annoyed me. My hormones were pretty unstable and all I wanted was his attention. I had a word with Mum, she understood and returned to Yorkshire. Roy became more involved with our children again and it was better to be just four. He understood my objections but while Mum was there, there was no need.

Holding together is sometimes challenging especially when your partner is work orientated and finds it a good place to escape to.

I am now a mother-in-law so here is a joke.

Dear Mother-in- law, never tell me how to handle my children, I’m living with one of yours!

I know this is not a typical Mother’s Day appreciation story but if you are following my memories you will see it fits exactly. I loved my two Mums and being a Mum twice has had many joys. Thank you for being interested enough to read this.

Sandy 🙂

12 thoughts on “Remembering how it was for three Mums…

  1. Oh I do understand how difficult a new young family , in-laws and parents all can be! Your memories brought back quite a few of my own Sandy🤷‍♀️😜 Hope your Mother’s Day was lovely 🌷


  2. Happy Mother’s Day, Sandy! Ours is in the month of May in the U.S. Wonderful read and I love the mother-in-law joke! Mine would surely laugh if I told her, she knows I’ve always had my hands full! 🤣


  3. My sister-in -law has helped me with the answer. Mother’s day started in March so that people could go back on the third Sunday to visit their Mother Church. It then became a day here in England to honour your mother. No wonder we celebrate a different day to most countries. Thank you for your we know.


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