A Sabbath walk near High Wycombe

The most High (God) does not live in temples made by hands; God says ‘Heaven is my throne and Earth is my footstool. My hands made all these things.’

Acts 7:49,50 (Sandy’s understanding and the rest of the chapter is quite strong!)
FRIDAY (10am)
A walk in the planning stage.
It was raining but we wanted to be sure it was possible for the walking group.
Here we are blue sky , white clouds moving on.
An unexpected .nchange from just a couple of hours ago.
We are a chatty group of twelve walkers.
Splended nature in the sunshine.
See a narrow, mud-sticky path through the grass past the trees. This is the way we will go through grassy fields…
After mud puddles a flinty path.
Careful don’t slip on the roots, leaves or stones all with a fine wet mud on top.
A stream to follow back to the car.
A short muddy walk of under three miles
with lots of slipping and sliding,
laughter and chatting.

The world is mud-luscious and puddle – wonderful.

E.E.cummings (1894 – 1962 American poet, painter,author, playwright.)

Thank you for looking at our post.

Sandy 🙂

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