Remembering change – a dust filled experience.

The strength of those who wait with hope in the Lord will be renewed. They will soar on wings like eagles. They will run and won’t become weary. They will walk and won’t grow tired.

Isaiah 40 : 31
The cottage ends after the arched doorway.
These two up two down cottages are deceptively small from the front but are more than adequate for a young family.

The grant and advice given was for a solid floor and the plaster to be cracked off the walls to three foot up.
The cottage was very damp with the first reception room as you came in through the front door not used for a long time.

To include the passage into the second reception room Roy and I together took the wall down. This was something that had been done to the other three semis like ours. The dust and physical work was rewarded by a big change. The room was suddenly light and much bigger.

At about the same time as workman were replacing the floor there were those replacing the roof, all the battons and tiles. A week or twos work.

A misunderstanding of how the damp proofing for the solid floor was to be laid, led to heavy wheelbarrows of wet cement being pushed back out of the front door , after it had been delivered by a cement mixer. I was sorry for this awful mistake but the future warmth and longevity of the cottage depended on this. The cottage is well over a hundred years old now and I am pleased that I noticed something was wrong.

You may well wonder where we lived.


Across the road the trees and fields with all their butter cups and wild flowers were our escape.

But the smell of cement and brick dust still remind me of this time.

Pachlan Purdy sits with her eyes looking up. She is curious to see what was happening to our home. She was seven years old.

‘Living through a home renovation is like living in the wild. You do whatever it takes to survive.’ Unkown

Thank you for sharing this ‘dusty’ memory. I wonder what your experience of renovation has been like. Please tell me. So glad mine is over.

Sandy πŸ™‚

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