Sedums in the frost

Jesus is speaking: ‘ Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you, not as the world gives you. Don’t let your heart be troubled and don’t let it be afraid.

John 14 : 27 ( Sandy’s understanding)
A stone garden with Mum Dorothy ‘s white rose and Dad’s cream rose each in pots .
That which is left of a rose.

The ice crystals physically rupture cells causing physical damage.
I guess this was dried by the sun and holds little moisture .
The remains of the rose immune from the frost.
The time of the killing frost

It was 1968/69
I was a teen, thirteen.
I woke up to a June/July morning
A mittens and jacket on the bike to school morning.
Then on the return the world had changed
In the strong light of the sun all that was green was changing

A killing frost!

No snow or rime. (rime/granular ice tufts )
The humidity too low and the temperature so low that the plant tissues froze, died and were blackened.
This was my world, our Famona garden and all the gardens on our way home
This is what I saw in the bright midday sun at thirteen.

Sandy 🥶
Our misty , frosty day.
'It is the life of the crystal, 
the architect of the flake,
the fire of the frost,
the soul of the sunbeam.
This crisp winter air is full of it.'
John Burroughs

I wonder what your day is like?

Sandy 🙂

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