Remembering our first move.

A friend loves at all times, and a brother/sister is born for adversity. Sometimes it is so easy to be misunderstood.

Proverbs 17:17 ( with Sandy’s addition)
The gates, in full shadow ,that we put up over the Easter holidays.
This picture was taken after we started renovating the semi – detached cottage.

It was January and we had been talking about wanting to move from our terrace house closer to where our son could go to school. I mentioned this in passing to Harry a person living in the village where we wanted to move to. He looked thoughtful for a moment putting his hand to his forehead and then said: ” There is a lady, Mrs Bay and I know she said she wants to move. I’ll speak to her.”

A while after that we went to meet her with Harry.

We knew immediately she was special. Her story was that she had come to live in the house as an orphan at the age of two. Her aunt and uncle owned the house and when they both past it was hers. She married and brought up a son in this home but now she wanted to have something less demanding to live in and closer to her son.

During these seventy odd years this had been her only home. It felt good that she liked us and wanted us to have her home. It was Harry who told us the price and we agreed .

Our house had been on the market a while with the first buyer experiencing an explosion in their home. It was the boiler for the heating that took out the back of the house. I believe it was at night but fortunately the family escaped. The second buyer bought our house very quickly as they were already living in the area but liked the extension on our house.

It was Easter, a couple of weeks before we were due to move in. This was when we asked Mrs Bay if we could make the property safe for our child. The present gate was easy to climb over and the fences needed to be staked as they were easy to climb under.

Our two year old was an adventurous boy !

Word – of – mouth is powerful , trusted , and cheap.

Martin Lindstrom

We’re living in an era where word of mouth is on steroids.

Gary Vaynerchuk

The world is all gates, all opportunities, strings of tension waiting to be struck.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

8 thoughts on “Remembering our first move.

  1. Love your memories.
    “We’re living in an era where word of mouth is on steroids.” Oh my word, that’s so true.


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