Fern in a bowl

I want to tell you this, if you sow a little you will reap a little but if you sow a lot you will reap a lot. (I know this. So what are you saying?) So give to God, not grudgingly or feeling you have to but with happiness because you love Him.

2Corinthians 9: 6,7 (Sandy’s understanding.)
Fern fronds.
Fronds from one of several ferns that have found a good place to grow in our garden.
They are welcome.
Their structure,
repetition of shape,
colours: starting from almost black where it has been lying in a puddle to brown , then golden to green where it is more protected.
It has pleasant variety.
Looking through the glass at the fern’s repetitive patterns.
Simple and striking.
Curled dry brown in the centre flat, fresh green on either side.
These fronds lie together from the same plant.
A winter fern.

“When we walk slowly, the world can fully appear. Not only are the creatures not frightened away by our haste or aggression, but the fine details of a fern and flower, or devastation and disruption, becomes visible. Many of us hurry along because we do not want to see what is really going on in and around us. We are afraid to let our senses touch the body of suffering or the body of beauty. “

Joan Halifax

Truly sad.
A pile of wood which was once a standing tree.
A purposeful, chosen distruction.
This is what we saw on a Bess walk this morning.
The fields are behind the late poet Alexander Pope’s old home.
When nature gives a gorgeous rose(tree),
Or yields the simplest fern,
She writes this motto on the leaves,
"To whom it may concern"
And so it is the poet comes
And rests in her bowers
And though another hold the land,
Is owner of the flowers(trees)

John Godfrey Saxe


Contrary to widespread belief here in Britain it is not illegal to pick most wildflowers for personal, non- commercial use. It is illegal to uproot any wild plant without permission from the landowner or occupier.

Thank you for looking at my post mixed with admiration and indignation.

Sandy 🙂

4 thoughts on “Fern in a bowl

  1. I’ve always been attracted to ferns. There’s a hiking trail about an hour from my house filled with the must luscious, large ferns—it’s where they filmed the Ewok parts of Star Wars. You’d love it.


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