Remembering visitors who came to our first home.

Walking the circular walk through Turville and Fingest .

Remember to entertain strangers for by doing that people have entertained angels ….and when you talk be content with what you have it is so easy to feel jealous.

Hebrews 13 : 3 , 5. ( Sandy’s understanding)

Among others who visited us in our first home were aunty Pat, a friend of Mom Dorothy’s, Roy’s Mathematics lecturer and his family and then aunty Louise with her third husband, Cyril.

Aunty Pat was a fine boned, delicately pretty lady. She dressed in light, pastel floral dresses as I guess she mostly visited in the summer . She always came with gifts of chocolates and sweets. She was ever so polite and just the sort you wanted to sit next to and talk to. I remember how she spoke , softly and with total interest in what you were saying. She didn’t speak about herself much at all. I believe her fiance never returned from the war and she never married. Pat was Mum’s closest friend and stood beside her when she married Brian.

Mom Dorothy told me about how concerned Pat was about her three nephews. Their mom had become tired of child raring and left them with their dad. I knew of this much later from Pat when she said how many good experiences her brother was giving the boys.

As the years past and Mum and Dad brought her from Yorkshire to visit she became more and more deaf. The kind sweet visitor.

The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wil and Sylvia with their two girls and baby boy came to stay with us shortly after we had moved into our first home. We had a camping table and the basics. Roy had been Wil’s reader while studying mathematics.

We had often spent evenings in Wil and Sylvia’s home. They would have students over for popcorn and we would take turns churning ice cream with a creaking handle. It was at one of these fun times we announced our engagement.

Over the years they have visited when they could. The last time they visited their children were all married and we went walking together on the circular walk through Turville and Fingest.

Our friends at Wil and Sylvia’s home the night we announced our engagement.

Then there was aunty Louise and her third husband, Uncle Cyril. I really would have preferred uncle Fred. They spent a day with us. I admit she really needed the surroundings of her farm to be the aunty Louise I knew. (Said another way my idea of who she was, suited another world.)

I live in a world all my own, but visitors are always welcome.

Ashleigh Brilliant. (He went to Hendon County School, London 1940’s-1950’s. Graduated from an American University with a PhD in History in 1964 and taught on a “floating university” an educational cruise ship that traveled around the world in the mid 60’s. He has written several books : I’m just moving clouds today, tomorrow I will move mountains,1994., I want to reach your mind where is it currently located 1994, I try to take one day at a time , but sometimes several days attack me at once.)

Thank you for reading this memory.

Sandy 🙂

7 thoughts on “Remembering visitors who came to our first home.

    1. Thank you. It is good to remember visitors. The maths teacher and his wife are soldiering on. He is living with cancer in his 80’s and she has had various life threatening occurrences. Recently they helped a friend move. He empty his stomach on the side of the road continued the task in hand. Completed . Then went to the Dr who said ” You have experienced a stroke.” Just the sort of life affirming people they are.🙂

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