Day lily, Iris and garlic leaves

Don’t be afraid; I am with you, don’t be disappointed; for I am your God:

I will strengthen you;

I will help you;

I will hold you strongly with my right arm of my righteousness (not yours)

Isaiah 41 : 10 (Sandy’s understanding)
A vase of tangled leaves.
I did this because I saw a series of photographs showing a tangle of plastic covered in sand. The first picture was a structured pile on a vast beach, then several close up photos showing its different curves and twists. It was these angles and bends in these photographs that made me look at possible tangles from our garden.
The sea and wind had formed that structure supported by plastic and I decided that glass would support mine, with some large white chalk pebbles .

In the tall glass vase the day lily leaves hang limp and yellowybrown down the outside of the glass. They are usually all gone by now but the long autumn encouraged new growth which with the snow has made them quite floppy and yellow now. The new Iris leaves are up straight and green with the garlic leaves twisted, tangled and curved.

A tangle of “straight “leaves. Their curves angles and bends.

The astonishing tangle in our heads makes us what we are.

Sir Colin Blakemore (1944-2022 He was a British neurobiologist , specialising in vision and the development of the brain.)

Kittens tangle your yarn, people tangle your wits, and it’s simple as breathing for both.

Robert Jordan (1944 – 2022) An American author who died at 58 of amyloidosis

To tangle with someone or something is to fight and argue with them or to mix something into a confused mass.

Let your life lightly dance on the edges of time like dew on the tip of a leaf. ( … give full attention to the moment.) I wish!

Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941 Bengali writer, poet, composer , painter.)

Resolving an argument. Here are some ideas.

Establish boundaries. Listen.

Find the real issue. Don’t bring in extraneous issues.

Agree to disagree. Control your emotions.

Compromise when possible. Think about the other person’s perspective.

Then here is a question I found.

” What do we have to do to come up with a solution together ?”

My posts are often me working for me and this is not any different. I hope that this time , between significant times, is being good to you.

Sandy (not sure about this smile but here it is “🙂”.)

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