Boxing day circular walk through Turville and Fingest.

Here is an unusual verse in my words : Don’t encourage me to spend time with the wicked and to work with them. Those who tell their neighbours that all is fine and peaceful but actually have ways to trick them.

Psalm 28 : 3 ( I wonder how you would say this in your way. Probably not my way.)
Fingest. A village with a telephone box! A definition of a village : a group of houses larger than a hamlet and smaller than a town. A hamlet in Britain is a small settlement without a church.

Fingest has a story. It was reported in 1937 that Thomas Prince aged 73 was killed by a cow. He was bumped off his stool, fell beneath the cow behind him and the frightened animal trampled him.

A dramatic occurrence in a quiet rural area. An area loved by walkers. The walk today is wet but sunlit. There is a wet shine on fallen leaves but not the bracken. The bracken is too branched and then divided again and again. It ‘s fronds twisted by the frost and curled by the wind. Short twigs from the pines snap easily their sound colliding with the mewing “weoo-weoo-weoo” made by soaring red kites. They are busy today. Scavengers of small mammals and earthworms. Their reddish brown bodies, small round grey heads, forked tails and up to 2m long wing spans , all these body parts, impressive against the blue of the sky today.

Sandy 🤭
… and here I do believe I got one sitting in a tree.
Soft under foot ,
leaves on mud,
dark red rust at the feet of light ,
lined grey, slim trunks .
Walking towards the sun.
Clouds moving rhythmically with fence shadows, both highlighting the direction of the path ahead .
A grassy part of this shadow grabbing walk.
Then a forest of trees splitting the light . A path made through brambles only because it is persistantly used.

My battery on my camera phone then failed. So look at Turvil with me in your minds eye. It is crouching in red brick below a hill, topped by a windmill. The pub is full ! No place for three more. So up the hill and through the forests to Fingest the pub there can fit us three in , the last for the day.

A morning walk .

A time to be.

Thank you to the sun, shadows and red kites. You make our world so beautiful.

It is so strange to think this was frozen a week ago . Wherever you are stay safe.

Sandy 🙂

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