Remembering an unusual place to stay.

Cream Puff (VW Golf) a car like the one we travelled to Switzerland in.

Here is a definition:

An enclosed space specially designed to protect occupants from radioactive debris or fall out resulting from a nuclear explosion.


Mum and Dad met their 6 week old grandson and then Dad said: “I have a friend who has a son in Switzerland who will provide us with a flat if we want to use it.” Roy had taken time off. Purdy went to Yorkshire to be with Roy’s parents. We with our new baby got into “cream puff” our VW golf. Yes, we went to Switzerland.

It was an evening late in August, we just couldn’t find the place. We crossed a railway line in several different places. Stopped and asked. Then , found it. It was a big modern glass building. We read instructions from a letter on how to find the key. It was dark by the time we put that key in a lock and darker still when we went down a flight of stairs. We then used a circular handle like a stairing wheel which opened a gap slowly, quietly, heavily and we were at its mercy. Its size width and iron purity. It only opened or closed there was no half way prop open stage. It was a mighty door.

It was a flat/ an apartment, white and clean, no windows but a square vent covered with layers of mesh but no final day light. The lights came on with one down switch as bright as the sun and then with an up flick a blackness heavy and disconnecting. It felt like we had lost our hands and feet. No sound. We settled down but quite soon Mum couldn’t cope with the claustrophobic windowless darkness. Dad helped her to pull her mattress through the mighty door then to the top of the stairs. There Mum was in a passage area with one wall ground to ceiling glass and the other cement. She preferred exposure to claustrophobia.

It was a nuclear shelter we were sleeping in. Roy says we spent two or three nights there. Fortunately our days were spent in the countryside.

Both of us have very little memory of where else we stayed. Night time care for our child and travel with Mum and Dad must have been stressful.

Being a new mum of six weeks and trying to be a dutiful daughter was hard work. We managed but we were tired.

Be careful

Keep calm

Do not be afraid

Do not lose heart

Isaiah 7:4 (Take heed , and be quiet; fear not , neither be fainthearted… Then later in the chapter is this prophecy… Behold , a virgin shall conceive , and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel . Isaiah 7:14 Meaning El / Il- God immanu-with us) At this point two brothers one in charge of Judah and one in charge of Israel were fighting. It seems the advice Isaiah gave to the people rings out to us too . The hope still lies in Jesus. His return this time.

6 thoughts on “Remembering an unusual place to stay.

    1. Yes, my friend that was not nice. I would dread to think of staying in there all day and night. Switzerland is still even now prepared and can provide spaces for their whole population within 4 to 5 days.


  1. You gave dear old Dad a memory he still talks about! Yes, I can imagine it was tough. I had similar experiences 😳😄


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