Saturnia and two towns on the way .

“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”

Romans 12:18

After leaving L’Aquila we spent Sabbath in Rieti, a city in the centre of Italy surrounded by mountains. It was 10’C . We worshiped with a small group all in our coats.

Sunset went through :yellow – gold above the sun, to fluorescent pink, grey, gentle blue and pink. Then…
…a storm of vibrant yellow, orange and touches of black.
Our world with its spin making the sun set and the moon rise.

We decided to see Rieti another time and traveled approx 100km l, which included three long tunnels. This left the cold behind and our new allocated parking area was outside the walls of Tuscania opposite the very tidy graveyard.

Early in the morning, when taking Bess out, it was interesting to watch the flower shop owner making things ready for her customers. She already had a few buying her, yellow , white and bronze Chrysanthemums. A kindness to the memories of those who had been important to them in their lives.

Tuscania is a town with thermals nearby and for 3 hours we paid 18 euros but then we travelled on to Saturnia arriving at twilight.
Once we had parked we could smell sulphur .
We were in walking distance of…
… plenty of warm water, a cascade and a waterfall.
All free.
In mythology Saturn and Jupiter had a fight and a thunderbolt accidently hit the ground.
It hit the ground enough to bring 500 liters of water per second at a temperature of 37.5’C gushing out at Saturnia.

This water has travelled with a hunger for minerals such that you can sit in limestone curves. A seat with warm water cascading round your neck. Then you can also place your arms on the back of a ‘chair’ and let the water hold you up while it splashes down between your body and your arms. If you don’t fall asleep you can keep one eye open to watch people.

A lady my age is reading a magazine her lips moving with the words as she enjoys the moments. A ‘husband’ standing a little way off, terribly well dressed, was impatiently waiting for all this to be over. She reluctantly leaves and together they go.

It is not to everyone’s taste.( or smell.) A little difficult to get into but bliss when in. So glad Roy likes it and that Bess had shade to lie down in.

The fields all round this warm river and waterfall are bristling with winter crops. All night it rained but the morning was filled with sun.
So good for growth .

So glad to share this part of Italy, Saturna in Tuscany. Wish I could take this back home.

I have a therapist nature.

I’m an aquaholic!

All my troubles wash away in water.

Unknown. (Unless you know!)

Sandy ๐Ÿ™‚

9 thoughts on “Saturnia and two towns on the way .

  1. The sky in those first few pictures is simply divine!! I’d love to be floating in warm water right about nowโ€”I’m freezing with my blankets on. It’s fun to live through your photos.


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