Remembering the first visit from Mum and Dad.

Respect your Mother and Father.

Exodus 20 : 12
Popsicle, a mini clubman estate.
The name I gave her because we travelled in the cold so much with her. We used her right through our first winter and a long time after.

Mum and Dad had more resources once their two daughters had left home. (They were in Rhodesia with Shelly in South Africa and me in England.) I can’t remember exactly how long they were with us but we did cram in as much as possible. I wasn’t teaching and Roy took the whole time off.

We had a mini clubman estate belonging to Roy’s Granma. Dad and Roy went in the front Mom and I , with so much to say, behind. Then right at the back was Pachland Purdy. (Our Springer Spaniel)

First we went to Skelmanthorpe to see Mum and Dad P then to Haxby York to see Grandma and then to a small cottage with a balcony hanging over Whitby Harbour. As you came in from the street there was a small entrance with crooked stairs going up to the sitting room where if you let go of a round object it would roll to the far side of the room. Tucked under the stairs was a small bathroom. Really cosy. Next to it was a kitchen and the balcony over the sea/sand depending on the time of day. Above was a sitting room and bedroom, but the room I liked the best was, up a few more well used steps. at the very top. It only took a three quarter bed and had a small window. We saw a ship masts pass that window. A special room with a world of its own.

Captain Cook’s cottage was a few doors down and so was a fish and chip shop. I can smell the sea and hear the seagulls just thinking of those chips, hot from the frier with a sprinkle of salt and a shake or two of vingar.

Leaving Whitby and the walk along the cliffs to Robbin Hood’s Bay we travelled through Wales. During this trip Mum and Purdy had a special relationship. Mum would only drink tea from a China cup so when she got out her flask Purdy would sit looking pleadingly at her until she poured the last bit into the saucer for her. They both enjoyed this ritual.

We stopped in Beddgelert in Snowdonia and read the story of the name of the town. In 1173 there was a Prince Llywelyn. He killed his dog mistakenly thinking that his child had been killed by him. Gelert, the dog, had actually killed a wolf and saved the child. Llywellen gave his dog a ceremonial burial and never smiled again.

Far too soon it was time for Mum and Dad to leave. Mum was satisfied that I was eating well, wearing the right clothes in this new cold country and that Roy and I were fine.

Traveling in the company of those we love is home in motion.

Leigh Hunt (1784 – 1859 English critic , essayist and poet)

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

Dr Seuss ( 1904- 1991 American children’s author and cartoonist)

Thank you for reading this memory. It was so good to revisit it.

Sandy 🙂

6 thoughts on “Remembering the first visit from Mum and Dad.

  1. ‘Mom was satisfied that you were wearing the right clothes in this cold country.’ This made me smile at how our mother can never stop mothering us. Not even after we have married and moved half way across the world. Great story Sandy. Bless you. ❤️☺️


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