Remembering our early years of marriage

Let all that you do be done in Love.

1 Corinthians 16:14

There was Roy’s work, our home life and social life. Roy was working in Windsor with a small team in a big room filled with one computer. This computer dominated their lives. They, the team, soon discovered that Roy was willing and able to solve most problems and really from then on his “off” time didn’t exist. Our Sabbath was the only time really free.

The words “program abort” became synonymous with ” I am working until 1am or till the next morning.” Sometimes on a Saturday night I would go into work with him and during those times I knitted a pink bed jacket for his grandma. It was quite a complicated pattern I remember, so I must have gone in quite often.

As a couple Roy was very patient with me. We took things slowly as we had been friends for four years. We were used to that relationship and took time to understand how we felt physically about each other. Time is a wonderful ingredient as there is joy when you discover how happy you can really make each other be and as confidence grows there is fun in deep security.

We then had our Bible study group and my students who were our age. These people , with visits to Yorkshire to see mum and dad , filled our lives.

It was during one of our visits to mom and dad that we purposefully looked for a dog. We found Pachalan Purdy, an 18 month old, liver and white springer spaniel. On the top of her head she had a natural curl that never went away and her eyes were so deep brown that when you looked into them you couldn’t say “No”. We bought her and she was ours.

I was truly happy!

We are in a small town here in Italy.
This evening it seems like yesterday that Roy was working so hard but now he can relax.
He deserves to enjoy retirement after putting in so many hours to give us, his family, a good home and life.

Here is a saying about marriage:

“There is no more lovely, friendly , and charming relationship, a communion or company than a good marriage.” Martin Luther.

I then asked Google if Martin Luther was ever married and this is the story: ” Martin Luther found peace when he married an ex-nun named Katherine von Bora. She was born in 1499 the daughter of an impoverished nobleman. Martin Luther helped her to escape from her nunnery in an empty fish barrel and helped her take refuge in Wittenberge.”

Thank you for reading about our early married life. I guess you have memories too.


8 thoughts on “Remembering our early years of marriage

  1. Love is an interesting and complicated emotion but so sweet! You have wonderful and thoughtful memories Sandy!


  2. I can relate to your experience, my husband is a programmer and has worked crazy hours, late into the night and for many months working on Saturdays too. He plans to retire when he’s 68 (9 years time) and we were best friends before dating too. We went to the same junior school so we have known each other since we were 9 years old. I think good friendship is one of the pillars of our marriage.


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