Corinaldo Italy

For the word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than a two-edged sword. (The Word makes the proud humble, the perverse meek and sorry, the disobedient obedient. The sinful habits natural to men and women are interwoven with daily practice. But the word cuts away the fleshy lusts, it discerns the thoughts and intents of the mind making men and women suffer for their Lord.)

Hebrews 4: 12 (and paraphrase of E.G.White)

Today Corinaldo is a hive of activity. Tonight is the first of 4 nights of festivity. Halloween!

I didn’t know that Halloween started with the ancient Celts in Britain. It was the night, according to these pagans that the ghosts of the dead returned to earth. It is now a festival of spiders, cats, brooms carrying witches with some skeletons added to the mix. All in Corinaldo for this festival time. Let us start within the 14th century city walls with a garden display placed for people to enjoy…

… the setting for three of
Lorenzo Cicconi Massi ‘s photographs. He was born in 1966 in Senigallia Italy. In 1999 he was awarded the Italian Canon Prize for the best photographic portfolio.
… how beautiful is this!

Now for the webs…

Through flimsy curtains you can seewebs and spiders making there way up a staircase to land in a well.
There are witches and then something real I borrowed from my photographs of…
Gradara. This was in a church there… Both Roy and I flinched.
A relic. Relics have a story too.
Fredrick the Wise , the father of Wittenberg University made a collection of 5,005 relics.
These were all kept in the Castle church Wittenberg.
According to traditional Christian beliefs coming to see and venerate these relics made the prayer of the person and their connection with God particularly effective.
All saints Day, the day after Halloween , was a day when these relics were on display. Then on the night of
October 31 1517 a monk and university professor wanted to make some statements , 95. His name is
Martin Luther.
He nailed these to the door of Castle Church.
He saw it as a document to create discussion as very intelligent people would be in the city the next day for
All Saints Day.
From this small beginning Protestants can see why they are who they are.
We have enjoyed our allotted two day parking and we will leave this city to its merriment. I guess Roy is looking for the next place.

Have a beautiful weekend. Take good care of yourselves. I love chatting to those who leave comments and those who don’t that is fine too, so glad you have been with us this week.

Sandy 🙂

8 thoughts on “Corinaldo Italy

  1. How interesting Sandy! Yes our world 🌎 is a very strange and interesting place! You capture a lot in your travels I remember another time in Luca at halloween Have a great time travelling x


  2. This was so interesting. A bit creepy too. Try to be somewhere safe away from crowds (terrible this S Korea stampede). So good to be able to ‘travel’ with you


    1. Thank you Shelly. We met with an Adra group on Sabbath in a town where they very rarely see tourists. We had a lovely time with them. This was a joke shared by a hungry person. ” A man without a stomach is like the sky without stars!”


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