Dozza Italy

I delight to do your will, O my God: infact your law is within my heart.

I love you so much that how you ask me to be is naturally part of who I am. (Sandy’s understanding – with the help of the Holy Spirit, the good angels and forgiveness through Jesus.)

Psalm 8:40

Dozza, a historic village which dates back more than a thousand years, is 40km from Bologna. Dozza is known for its festival of the painted walls. Every two years in September famous national and international artists leave permanent works on the walls of the town. (A great idea!) I will share some of these in their street setting and others on their own. Come let’s go through the streets.

Through the arches and then a question from a cat…
Why are you visiting Dozza today with that black and white dog? I hear you call her Bess. That isn’t Italian, is it!
Dozza church and clock. We are heading through that small arch.
I pressed my back against a wall to get this mural all in. This gentleman all the time talking to me? or someone else in Italian, in the gruffest of voices. I didn’t mean to include him but he is here almost part of the scene! It is then the bakery…
Wouldn’t this bird love some bread , a whole loaf. Roy noticed the key hole for the eye. Why?
Then a person walking away into autumnal mist
from a tall young tree in burning red with touches of yellow.
To complete the scene the shut windows on each side are behind strong vertical and horizintal bars .
An incorporated real window with painted curtains and then lamp light. One person looking right out at us.
The cat waiting for a morsel.
It looks like bread and soup.
(black cabbage soup was on a menu here today.)
Time flies. As if we need to be reminded.
It is nearly lunch time. Good Italian food sells quickly and then it is off the menu. “Sorry finished! “
A flower in reds, yellow, white and a little purple, the plaster falling away giving an end of season feel to the painting.
Followed by a fresh clean looking one. White snails? White flower? Green stem.. look at it as a whole…
I may go back into the town to see how recently it was painted. (I never did.)
A real plant with no green.
Pale pink flowers with two shades of maroon , clover shaped leaves.

Dozza keeps you guessing because suddenly there are great walls, a medieval castle…

…Rocca di Dozza.
It looks down toward the Roman road, via Emilia, between Imola and Bologna. This was lived in until 1960 but was built in 13th century.
Inside there are some interesting rooms…

There are dungeons and trap doors. Ghastly prison rooms with ancient graffiti. Then more pleasant views from the top.

Dozza. A pleasant place with free parking and paintings to view. A special place to be. Thank you for walking with us. Let me leave you with these thoughts about art:

Art is not what you see, but what you (the artist) make others see.

Edgar Degas 1834-1917 A French impressionist artist famous for his pastel drawings and oil paintings.

There is no healthier drug than creativity.

Nayyirah Waheed (African American poet and author.)

Sandy 🙂

4 thoughts on “Dozza Italy

  1. I absolutely love seeing street art, and your photos certainly did show it well. The empty picture frames in Rocca di Dozza’s reading room are kind of sad to see. There’s something lonely about an empty frame. but the castle looks very interesting. Thank you for sharing Dozza!


  2. This might be my favorite post yet! The video with the bells made me incredibly joyous and all the street artwork is so divine. Then you hit me with a medieval castle! Just wow!


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