Brisighella in the foothills of Apennines.

Jesus said: “My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one.”

John 17: 15

The village of Brisighella is considered among the most beautiful medieval villages in Italy. It is situated in the foothills of the Apennines.

The village had visitors from Bologna. Young couples very much in love visiting two by two on their motorbikes. It was easy to see some autumn love.

These three hill destinations are claimed by the village: a church…… a clock tower…. a fortress.

Under each are some Italian sayings about love. Their authors are unknown , they are just used by the Italian people.

The church .
An 18th century Sanctuary of Our Lady of Monticino.

Every day she has her love and her pain.

The heart is not commanded.

Love rules his kingdom without a sword.

A clock tower rebuilt in 19th Century with a 6 hour clock.

Old love doesn’t rust.

The first love is never forgotten.

True love is never sold or bought.

A fortress.
The 14th Century Rocca Manfrediana fortress.

Love is not beautiful if it is not a quarrel.

Love without a quarrel makes mold.

Love is not without bitterness.

The weather was perfect 25C. The village and surrounding fields looked cared for and well used. The village is part of the slow food movement.

Notice the half moon windows on the second level. This is an enclosed donkey walk. They carried loads along the village walls. The walls were then built on as homes but they still needed the donkeys to continue carrying loads so the path was kept with open windows.
Notice the homes and the windows. A unique place to live. Some of the places are cave like as the hills are chalk.

With all the motorbikes it was easy to recall a story told by my father.

This is a picture of our Dad circa 1945( Sandy’s and Shelly’s) His full name Percival William Stratford (Bill).
Dad is now 93.
My grandfather worked on the Rhodesian Railways and had Bembi farm .
A cattle farm quite a way out from the town of Wankie. (where my father was born. )
Dad tells of how at dusk one day he was on the dirt road between the town and the farm .
He was coming round a bend on his motorbike, saw an elephant standing broadside, right across his path.
The presence and sound of the motorbike startled the animal!
It reared up onto its back legs.
Dad swerved and accelerated!
He got past just as the front legs came down.
Dad’s heart was racing.
He was home in no time.

Dad although he talks fondly about his motorbikes once he became a nurse changed his opinion about encouraging anyone to own one. I think he would agree with this: “Motorcycling is not, of itself , dangerous . It is however, extremely unforgiving of inattention , ignorance , incompetence , or stupidity. ” (unknown)

A beautiful young woman was playing with Bess, her boyfriend standing next to the motorbike. I couldn’t resist saying in motherly tones:

” Take care. Drive safely. God bless”

Thank you for reading my post . May you keep safe too.

Sandy 🙂

10 thoughts on “Brisighella in the foothills of Apennines.

  1. I find those donkey paths intriguing! The town streets are so pretty. I love that laundry hangout too! 😉 The first time my hubby came to visit me, he showed up on a harley. I didn’t know he had a motorcycle. I thought my mom was going to be against it but she wasn’t, I was shocked, lol. Later on, some 15 years, I got my own harley. A year or so later on an outing, Rick thought he was starting to see me wipe out (I wasn’t/didn’t); it scared him so bad, he started talking about us selling the bikes. He had me so nervous about it all, I started feeling less confident in riding. So we sold them shortly thereafter. Then bought a boat, lol. Much safer, and I enjoyed it more. 🙂 Now our 6 year old grandson is begging Pop Pop for a dirt bike. This Grandma is putting her foot down, NO!!


  2. Yes, how wise. My dad started changing the bandages of those who had to be sewed together and that was the end !!! The boat sounds like a wonderful replacement with your great love of birds. You grandson will have a lot to enrich his life. Take care.


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