Sedums and Zinnias

Keep silence before God… and let us renew our strength…

Isaiah 41: 1 (Sandy’s understanding)
Zinnias bought after our hottest day . They were blooming in cramped pots but have gone on to thrive with their roots freed and in the soil.
A combination of strength :
zinnias and sedums.
They are both drought tolerant and sedums also cope with temperatures below freezing.
They are both blooming together in the garden.
Upright sedums will die back to the ground, but the remaining stalks with spent flowers will offer colour and food for the birds. This plant was bought from the botanical gardens in Cambridge. I had it as a small plant in a bucket until it had established itself. It now seems to be growing well in the garden.
Sedums are perennials and like well- drained soil and a sunny spot. The pink of the flowers attract butterflies but also notice the small snail up in the right of the picture !
Sedum sieboldii / October stonecrop another variety of sedum that is new to my garden. I have put one in a clay pot and the other in the garden bed. This plant can grow to three feet high.
It has small rounded, pink edged succulant leaves and clusters of tiny pink flowers that bloom all season long.
Drought tolerant and frost tolerant. It can cope with temperatures below freezing. It seems good for our weather as it is becoming more hot and more cold.

Here are some different quotes about strength:

Only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong.

Leo Buscaglia 1924-1998 (American author and lecturer from an Italian family.)

“I have never met a strong person with an easy past. ”

(I guess I am still at the stage of meeting new and different people. So far the above quote seems to be true.)


Don’t you know, haven’t you heard? God who is everlasting, the Lord, the Creator of the earth doesn’t get tired. He gives power and strength to those who are tired and fainting. If you wait for the Lord, (this means not letting your mind hold onto or be absorbed by anything else that could be its god but letting only God have that place.) HE will renew your strength …

Isaiah 40: 28 – 31 (Sandy’s understanding and summery)

Thank you for looking at this post. Yesterday was a day to be in the garden. I hope you are enjoying your time of year too, spring or autumn.

Sandy 🙂

5 thoughts on “Sedums and Zinnias

  1. Thank you Sandy 👏Lovely sedums! Mine is making flowers too When we moved in it was in a pot and is now happy in the garden enjoying it’s neighbourhood 😜


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