From my garden to Queen Elizabeth II

Bless the Lord who forgives you and heals you. Who redeems your life from destruction. Who shows you love, kindness and mercy . Gives you good food to eat so you are young and strong. All this if you let Him. He never forces His love on anyone.

Psalms 103: 3-5 ( Sandy’s understanding from a reading used at today’s service)
A bowl of garden flowers

Through the glass below the water Stalks woody and brown, rosemary and oak
Euphorbia, zinnia, verbena green
All through the glass below the water
Just stems with an empty shell.

Colour above the water
Pink zinnia, maroon euphorbia, purple verbena
Green oak leaves from a five year old tree for the strength of love
Rosemary for remembrance.

Till kingdom come our love unites us with memory though we see through a glass darkly an empty shell.
Flowers all from the late Queen Elizabeth II’s gardens
A natural group on a formal coffin with crown(grace and virtue), orb (the whole world is subject to Christ) and sceptre (power and justice)
Her majesty’s horse, Emma, and corgis Sandy and Muick were brought onto the long walk in Windsor to see their mistress pass.
Then her family and the great
But mostly us her people.
Quiet or clapping , a patient crowd of many thousands
With tears of thanks to say farewell to Queen Elizabeth II.
Along the long walk Windsor, a picture taken off the TV screen…then in Popeswood meadow…

Popeswood has many trees but there are eleven , oak trees ,coming close to 200 years old.

I wondered why all the brambles had been cut and cleared away from each, just as they were fruiting. I know now that each of the eleven trees is being surrounded by iron barriers.

Popeswood meadow today.

I wonder why.

Are they going to sleep walk?

Are they planning to drop their branches on us?

A few days ago I asked the “why” to the men working on burying these black, iron bars deep into the ground and they honestly said:

” I don’t know!”

Do you know?

Here are a few sayings:

Don’t cry because it is over.

Smile because it happened.

Dr. Suess

In the end, it is not the years in your life that count. Its the life in your years.

Abraham Lincoln

Just living is not enough. We must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

Hans Christian Anderson

Our week has no Monday . May your week be going well.

Sandy 🙂

4 thoughts on “From my garden to Queen Elizabeth II

  1. Sandy I love the quote from Dr Suess It was a beautiful funeral and pageantry Today I do feel like I’ve know Queen Elizabeth 11 personally A lady never to be forgotten x


  2. Another lovely arrangement. The colours are just beautiful. I hope they’re not planning to build in Popeswood meadow… That would be sad.


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