Flowers picked in the evening, white and a little pink with grey leaves.

He has made every thing beautiful in His time: and also He has set the world in their heart, so no man can find out the work God made from the beginning to the end.

(…true beauty will be secured not by marring God’s work but in coming into harmony with the laws of Him who created all things, and who finds pleasure in their beauty and perfection. EGW)

Ecclesiastical 4 : 11

The day has been hot for us but now that evening has come the air is fresh and cool. The Buddlia / butterfly bush has a sweet honey smell while the hydrangeas have opened well with the warmth. Leaves from the cardoon aren’t so covered in little holes made by snails and the helpful ladybirds have cleared them of green fly. Then the lamb’s ear and bottle brush stalks are from plants coping well with the sun. I guess they like these temperatures.

Together in the garden and a few now in a vase.
All the stems in water after a long hot day.
The details of a cardoon leaf. Grey and white veined with a suede feel.

I was surprised by these plants coming together to make each other look so good. Thank you for looking at my post I hope time is good to you whenever you choose to read these words.

Sandy 😊

7 thoughts on “Flowers picked in the evening, white and a little pink with grey leaves.

      1. Thank you and welcome. We are due to immigrate to Scotland from South Africa in August. But now with my ankle surgery I will only go in September. I am looking forward to gardening in Scotland very much.


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