Salad Burnet and Chamomile

Fear God, and give glory to Him; for the hour of judgement has come. Worship Him who made heaven and earth, the sea and the water springs.

Revelations 14:7
I last used this 1920’s Japanese jug for my post Red hot poker with other Sept. flowers. The willful stems of these plants challenged me to find space for each seed head without it touching another. The unnatural bends in the stems made me try harder. These seed heads were once unusual crimson, spherical flower clusters rising well above the leaves on their thin stems. (I was travelling while this happened and a ‘ garden is a journey’ too. Maybe next year I will see them. DV)
Remember that space is as important as the object.
Chamomile is a good companion plant. With basil, rosemary and mint it helps to increase their oil production making it stronger. It is good to plant it with brassicas ( broccoli , kale, cabbage) onions, beans, cucumbers.

I have to wake up and drink chamomile tea to slow me down.

Janice Dickson ( American model born 1955 )

Infatuation is easy to cure, if that is the problem. A little dandelion root, a sprig of hare-footplant, a shaving of nutmeg, a drop of moonrose nectar all mixed into a cup of chamomile. True love is another story, I’m afraid there is no cure for true love.

Author Carrie Anne Noble

2 thoughts on “Salad Burnet and Chamomile

  1. Antique Japanese jug – interesting and lovely. I love old things. Chamomile tea is apparently very soothing. Pity it tastes so awful🥴.


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