Hairy Canary Clover, others in between and foam patterns on the sand.

All things work together for good to them that love God. ❤

Romans 8;28
This plant has several names Lotus hirsutus or Dorycnium hirsutism or the common name canary clover/hairy canary clover. The flower blooms from late spring to early autumn. It has white flowers with pink veins.  It is evergreen and common in Mediterranean countries.  It is draught tolerant. Both the stems and the leaves are covered with fine hairs. It looks good in hanging baskets, borders and softens the edge of paths.

When we set out to walk today, in the pine forests of Tossa la Mer it had only started to clear after raining all night.  I took a picture of this wet looking plant only to smile when I saw droplets still on it and discovered its name.  My auntie Esther as seen in my post “A very special African Hoopoe ” used to use this expression, “hairy canary” often. The stories she told were usually accident related with someone having a hairy canary. (an emotional outburst / a temper tantrum /  or being in outright panic mode)

Some planting in the town
The sun came out for a couple of hours and I got this gentle movement of the sea with patterns of the foam on the sands…I hope this post helped you spend a little while with us in wet Spain.

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