A path on the edge.

Jesus told a story about someone planting good seed and the seed falling on different ground. The saddest part of the story for me is that some seed grew into healthy plants but weeds made it impossible for them to grow into the plants they should have been. May we never destroy other people’s opportunities to contribute to the good in this world.

A flower I can’t identify with delicate stripes.
Fig leaves
A Cork tree with new leaves and ‘flowers’.

The Castle of Tossa de Mar

Australian Laurel, I find this identification hard to believe as it has a heady sweet smell so much like Jasmine. This was to the left of the steep path…
The path leading from the coastal path to the castle, notice the hole in the castle wall next to the door…
…the view of the bay to the right of the steep steps…
We then climbed through the hole in the wall into the castle grounds.
Then the narrow road goes through the square ‘hole in the wall’ to sea views and the town.
Then back on a 3 mile walk.

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