Stage 3: Millau to Perpignan.

People, if a person makes a mistake, you who are spiritual, restore such a one in the spirit of meekness; considering yourself, incase you are also tempted. Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ. For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceives himself. But let every person prove his own work, and then he will be happy in himself, and not another. For every person will bear his own burden… Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatever a man plants, that is what he will reap.

Galations 6:1-7
This multispan cable stayed bridge was designed by  Michel Virogeux and an English architect Norman Foster. As of September 2020, it is the tallest bridge in the world, having a structural height of 336.4m. The Millau Viaduct is part of the A75-A71 autoroute axis from Paris to Breziers and Montpellier. It spans the Gorges du Tarn with the town of Millau down in the valley.

After taking this picture I then looked at my feet and there was this small “structure”…
…white campion. It blooms from May to October and the butterflies and bees love it. It is hardy with each flower having 5 petals. Each petal is deeply notched and almost divided into two; its oval leaves and stems are hairy. White campion can cross breed with red campion to produce a delicate pink flower. It grows on waste land and on roadside verges.

The Gorges du Tarn is a Canyon formed by the Tarn river between the Causse Mejean and the Causse de Sauveterre, in southern France. The Gorge is about 53 km long and 400m deep. The town of Millau in the valley is a pleasant place to visit and spend time. The last time we came we paid €35 to use the Millau Viaduct this time we enjoyed the town and the drive instead.

The Medieval market square of Millau seen between the pillars.
Trees with new spring growth lining the streets that radiate from a fountain in the centre.
Looking into the depths of the town.
Someone’s strong feelings on a wall . This is for a friend who likes street art…
. ..and some more along the river Tarn near the start of the Gorge.

The word gorge is a homonym. I hope you enjoy these two quotes as much as I did . (A homonym is two or more words having the same spelling but different meaning.)

There is a wisdom that is a woe; but there is a woe that is madness. And there is a Catskill Eagle in some souls that can alike dive down into the blackest gorges, and soar out of them again and become invisible in the sunny spaces. And even if he for ever flies within the gorge, that gorge is in the mountains; so that even in his lowest swoop the mountain Eagle is still higher than other birds upon the plain, even though they soar.

Herman Melville

Tortoise, tortoise get bigger, bigger. Come on Tortoise grow up, puff up, shoot up! Spring up, blow up, swell up !

Gorge ! Guzzle! Stuff! Gulp! Put on fat, Tortoise. Put on fat! Get on, get on! Gobble food!!🤣

Author Roald Dahl.

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