Chequered Daffodil and spring snowflake touches of green on white.

” Sing to the Lord,

bless His name:

proclaim the good

news of His

salvation from

day to day

Psalm 96 : 2
Snake’s head looking slightly away from the spring snowflakes. Two gifts from our garden this morning.
Fritillaria meleagris and all the different names we use for this little flower:
Chequered Daffodil,
Snake’s head fritilary ,
chess flower,
frog cup,
and guinea- hen flower.

“…a flower to put in a glass on your table. It is a flower to peer into. In order to appreciate its true beauty, you will have to know it intimately. You must look closely at all its little squares, and also turn its bell up towards you so that you can look right down into its depths…”

In its native state they grow very deep down so we ought to plant them at a depth of at least 6 to 8 inches. The Thames Valley with its damp, low lying meadows is where you see them growing wild from April to May self-sown for millennia.

(Quote and paraphrase ) Vita Sackville- West
Summer/ Spring snowflake Amaryllidac/ London lily. It is native to most of Europe from Spain and Ireland to Ukraine, with the exception of Scandinavia, Russia, Belarus and the Baltic countries. (Wikipedia) 
It can have up to 8 bell-shaped, green tipped white flowers on a leafless stem in spring.

There is an idiom gilding the lily. People use this to say that someone is trying to improve something that is perfect as it is.

2 thoughts on “Chequered Daffodil and spring snowflake touches of green on white.

  1. Snowflakes are so beautiful. They aren’t indigenous here but grow quite wild around the Western Cape. Helderberg had many of them growing by the girls dorm.


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