The tulips picked before their time

The God of all grace,

after you have suffered

a little while,

will Himself restore

you and make you

strong, firm and


1Peter 5:10
In the early morning sun these three tulips looked fine. Later on in the afternoon I went out to find they were bowing . Each stem had a critter bite so I brought them in. I wonder what the critter ate completely.
Bitten, gnawed, a small critter changes your life.

No water comes up your stem
You bow down with your face in the dirt

You come in with your water
in a bottle.
A different life bringing us all joy.

Bitten and brought in.
Fully open with stamen and anthers…
front and…

Here are the tulips, budded and full- blown, their swoop and dips, their gloss and poses, the satin of their darks. /(lights)

Margaret Astwood

“Never blur or erase love for those who once brought greenery and blossomed tulips during the dry and thorny phase.”

Spiral Kant

White tulips are a way to say I am sorry. They also represent purity, honor and holiness.

4 thoughts on “The tulips picked before their time

  1. Beautiful tulips πŸ‘ŒThank you for sharing the pictures and the meaning Sandy. We learn something new everyday πŸ‘πŸ€—πŸ™πŸ™β€πŸ˜€


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