Figs before leaves and a self propagated money plant.

The troubled soul may find peace through faith in Christ, and his peace will be in proportion to his faith and trust. He cannot present his good works as a plea for the salvation of his soul.

E G White
In this picture is a fig stalk a mature money plant and a newly planted baby money plant.
The fig stalk has early figs. These are called breba and grow on the previous year’s shoot growth. In cold countries these drop off because of spring frosts. These breba are then followed in summer by figs that grow on the current years growth and are ready to be eaten in late autumn. Although figs are associated with mediterranean countries some have been cultivated to withstand winter lows of -20. They can also be grown in pots but the soil needs to be replaced every three years.
A closer look at the fig stalk with breba figs brought in from the garden this morning in early January. The breba are from small to smaller then the smallest and absolutely tiny. The minute wet pebbles in the glass are a reminder of a sunny beach with waves moving them around.
A money plant leaf fell into a plant pot and found the condtions so perfect there that it grew 5 more leaves . I have replanted it in a small pot made by Ahingham Pottery. I liked it for the little white mouse which is a fun detail. The small plant will have more space and we will see how well it grows. You will see it in the first picture of this post. This small pot is a charity shop find.

One day a man wanted to pick a fig. This tree was covered in amazingly beautiful lush leaves. He felt and looked on the branches but there was not a single fig there.

Matthew 21: 18 – 22

He cursed the tree and it withered.


Luke 13

This tree was planted by a certain man in a vineyard, a strange place to have a fig tree as it is known for lots of roots that spread out and would cause problems for the vines. He told his servant to cut it down but his servant said let me dig around it and give it the nutrients it needs then leave it for its fourth season and see what happens. Fig trees take three years to mature and the fruit that grows can be used as compost to nourish it. What happened ? Well we don’t know if it produced or was cut down.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust

6 thoughts on “Figs before leaves and a self propagated money plant.

  1. I love the saying by Marcel Proust to have new eyes. Looking at problems and happenings can trip us up and that is very good advice indeed. Not easy but with our Hope anchored in God absolutely possible xx

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