A late morning and afternoon Cycle: Ascot to Maidenhead

I trust in Your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in Your salvation.

Psalm 13 : 5
Our son gave us a lift to Watersplash Lane Ascot
We entered by the Ascot Gate into Windsor Great Park. When my husband was 10 years old he came to this gate with his classmates to see the Queen in her open carriage go to the Ascot Races. This carriage ride is a tradition every year in June.
These two trees were on our right as we went through the gate. One with warts the other not. At the foot of the trees was moss. If you know what causes these I would love to know.
The shadow of a mighty trunk which as it comes closer to you is as impressive as what you see of the trunk without the camera.
Another mammoth wart up close.
These pink painted buildings form the gate house to the Royal Lodge . The Royal Lodge ( which I have never seen) was the Windsor residence of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother from 1952 until her death in 2002. Since 2004 it has been the official residence of Prince Andrew, Duke of York and his family.
Once we left the park through Bishop’s Gate we cycled through Old Windsor and along this cycle path lined with what could be Cotoneaster. This hedge has a basket weave structure with bright red berries in autumn. In spring it has tiny leaves and nectar laden white pinkish flowers It was so well maintained and went on for such a long way that I had to stop and share it.
We have reached the Long Walk. In the distance is the George IV gate of Windsor Castle. With our lengthening shadows the afternoon of a gloriously sunny day is coming to an end. The double row of naked London Planes and Horse Chestnuts remind us that this sunshine is in mid winter. These trees have replaced the original Elms.
We then followed the river path from Windsor to Maidenhead railway station. Some of the way was hard and pleasant to cycle. The other bits tested our skid and slide cycle ability. The mud was 2 or more inches thick.
Following the Thames the softness of thickly growing Old Man’s Beard / traveller’s joy was creamy in contrast with the grey of the Thames. In French it is ‘herbe aux guex’ the beggar’s or rascals herb.
Just before dark we are in Maidenhead. 18 miles in the sunshine. We take the train back home!

Grace is the voice that calls us to change and then gives us the power to pull it off.

Max Lucado
( It can’t be said too many times.)

2 thoughts on “A late morning and afternoon Cycle: Ascot to Maidenhead

  1. How wonderful that you could cycle together.
    Tree warts are called burls. They could be caused by fungus, trauma or genes. (I’m not clever – Google knows everything. Well, nearly 😂)

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