Tortured willow Anemone corms and a cycle between Staines and Richmond

But take diligent heed…

to love the Lord your God,

and to walk in all His ways,

and to keep His commandments,

and to cleave unto Him,

and to serve Him with all your heart

and with all your soul.

Joshua 22:5
Looking up into a December sky with leaves clinging onto a dense canopy of twisted twigs, belonging to the tortured willow, one wonders how much will come down with the winter winds. Usually a lot.
There are several names for this tree: corkscrew willow, curly willow or tortured willow. Our willow was a mature tree 25 years ago before the neighbours put up their extension with pilon foundations. The foundations had to be pilon ones to accommodate the willows roots.
This twig from the tortured willow was lying amongst the leaves while I was raking this morning. Notice the skeleton leaf clinging on to it with its fragile yet resilient form.
A promise of spring. In the heart container are Anemone corms. I will soak them for 3 hours before planting them as this helps them to establish. If all goes well they will naturalise and be colourful and bright for years to come. Anemone will grow in a wide range of soils provided there is good drainage. They like sunshine and partial shade and a good supply of humus such as leaf mold. Maybe they will be in vase one day.🙂
Under the tortured willow amongst its fallen leaves of brown, green and yellow was this fungus. I will enjoy watching it change.

A winter cycle by the Thames.

Leaving Staines with our young friends. Mara and Abedy yesterday. There is no age gap when the oldies have the support of electricity🤣🤣
The path along the river Thames in parts was wider and gravelled but here it was autumnal and tree lined.
Hampton Court Palace. A quick photograph as we cycled past which meant we had to phone the men as we were soon far behind.
At the end of 24 miles at Twickenham Station instead of Richmond. Thank you for the use of this photograph Abedy.

To give glory to God is to reveal His character in our own and thereby make Him known. And in whatever way we make known the Father or the Son , we glorify God.

EG White MS 16 1890

5 thoughts on “Tortured willow Anemone corms and a cycle between Staines and Richmond

  1. You make winter look like a good deal of fun – friends, fungus, coloured leaves and all! We’re melting away here😅.


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