The cones and needles of a Red pine tree with Holly.

Jesus took the food ” and looking up to heaven, He blessed, and brake and gave the loaves to his disciples and the disciples to the multitude and they all ate and were filled. And they collected 12 baskets of what was left over.

This is part of the story in Luke 9:10-17
A wonderful stately Conifer! A red pine. When the new houses were built this tree was kept!
This conifer has needles in sets of two, which helps identify it as a Red pine. A white pine has sets of five, a yellow pine sets of three. A spruce has one needle attached to the stem and the needle is square and can be rolled easily between the fingers. A fir also has one needle attached to the stem but it is flat and you cannot roll it.
All from the red pine except for three stalks of holly.
There are over 480 species of holly. The leaves of this one,growing in our garden, are smoother and less spiky. The shrub is dense and verdant green. In pre – Victorian Europe, “Christmas trees” weren’t firs and spruces – they were holly trees. The folk significance of holly stretches deeper into certain cultures’ collective history. Pre – Christian European traditions linked holly plants to various thunder gods. People planted Holly outside their door, believing it would prevent lightning from striking the house.
The narrow red fir pine needles in contrast with the shiny dark green of the holly leaves. The smooth glass container with the rough brown of these small well formed cones. The cones are made up of scales attached to a centre stalk. The seeds are hidden between these overlapping scales.

If we were all more simple in our habits, living in harmony with nature’s laws, as did Adam and Eve in the beginning , there would be an abundant supply for the needs of the human family. There would be fewer imaginary wants, and more opportunities to work in God’s ways. But selfishness and the indulgence of unnatural taste have brought sin and misery into the world, from excess on the one hand, and want on the other.

EG White Desire of Ages

4 thoughts on “The cones and needles of a Red pine tree with Holly.

  1. Another Christmas arrangement 🥰. Interesting re pine needle arrangement. What a good idea to put pine cones in the vase. I would never have thought of that. Lovely! xx


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