Common Holly, Ivy and Sallow. All common!

God has promised us, You will seek Me, and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.”

Jeremiah 29:13
Common Holly with red berries, Common Sallow with catkins and Common ivy with berries. All common!Is this oil lamp common too?

The oil lamp is used in the post: “Japanese Smoke tree leaves, Buddlia going from green to brown.”
In 1984 Emma, who was working in London after finishing university, was looking for a gift for her mum and visualised her mum’s kitchen dresser full of colourful mismatched well loved items. She couldn’t see what she liked and decided she would make her own. But she had no idea how or where. During a casual conversation a friend pointed her in the direction of Stoke on Trent. She has succeeded in providing homely, hand painted, bright items ever since then.
These Emma Bridgewater mugs and side plates were given to us as a Christmas gift by my niece’s family, at a tasty, homely lunch hosted by them. This particular time of being together has become for many reasons a high light in my memory. Why? Well Brian is no longer with us and there is covid 19 writing its own stress story all over our family’s lives!

Well insulated in little plastic pots inside the mugs are the small Aloe Vera plants I planted up from the mother plant. This was in my post. “Aloe Vera and Sedum plants with a sharp shadow.”
This is a newly paved road for the new houses! Thereby, making the Common Holly trees, seen on the right of the road, shawn of all possibility of having red berries this year! The berries are a vital source of food for birds and small mammals during winter. Both a male and female tree (Holly is dioecious) are required for the female plant to produce berries.
This is a variegated female Holly (Argentea Marginata) growing in our garden. Its spiny, dark green leaves have silver – cream edges. I have used some on the left of the arrangement to try to balance it.

Through the right exercise of the will, an entire change may be made in your life. By giving up your will to Christ , you ally yourself with the power that is above all principalities and powers. You will have strength from above to hold you steadfast, and thus through constant surrender to God you will be enabled to live the new life, even the life of faith.

EG White Steps to Christ

6 thoughts on “Common Holly, Ivy and Sallow. All common!

  1. Holly berries are so beautiful and the birds love them… but never step barefoot onto a dried leave 🙃🥲 I love your knowledge of your variety of vases and containers Sandy


  2. Common Holly with red berries are beautiful in your garden. This is my first time seeing them in a garden. Thank you for sharing your story along with the photos! Cherished memories!🙂


  3. This arrangement looks like Christmas! I love stories about things🥰. I looked up Emma Bridgewater. She made such beautiful things – and quite pricey too! A great gift from G. xx


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