Dogwood red and yellow with Coral bell leaves

Coral bell leaves have been used to compliment the stems of yellow and red dogwood in the base of this tall glass vase. These leaves were left to dry into their own shape after being used in the post “Maroon and pink from the garden.”
The dogwood’s malable stems intertwine comfortably making for a movement of red and yellow up the length of the vase.
Winter dogwood twigs from the garden.
The different lines of the mixed stems.
In the garden!

To make an image of God dishonores Him. No one should bring into service the power of the imagination to worship that which belittles God in the mind and associates Him with common things. Those who worship God must worship Him in spirit and in truth. They must exercise living faith. Their worship will then be controlled not by the imagination, but by genuine faith. E.G White.

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