Irregular white margins on Kohuhu leaves with sorbet orange Viola.

“Happy is the person whose sin is forgiven, whose sin is covered…

Psalm 32:1,2
New Devon Pottery was established in a garage in Newton Abbot, Devon, in 1957. It then moved to factory premises but ceased trading in 1984. This mottled green cicular vase was another charity shop find. It has a hair crack in it so it needs care.
Kohuhu leaves with a few Silktassel bush catkins from the post 7 Hydrangeas… The Kohuhu is a bushy evergreen shrub. Its leaves have irregular, white margins and are leathery to the touch. Their luminosity helps them hold their own in a vase or in the garden.
Some little critter has nibbled around the orange Viola petals. Like Goldilocks each one did not please and no whole flower was eaten!
Recently, I planted 8 Angel wish bulbs and 7 Ballerina Tulip bulbs, with some cloves of garlic. These are all next to the orange Viola plants. I thought that together they could be a patch of warmth when in bloom this spring. I hope the Squirrels don’t like the garlic ingredient. We’ll see.?
Kohuhu (Pittosporum tenuifolium Gaerth). This shrub thrives in full sun/ part shade in fertile, moist, well drained soil. It needs little maintenance, no routine pruning and for the most part is disease free. The luminous dense foliage is a colour accent in mixed planting, screens, groupings and even hedges.

How can a person be right with God? How can the sinner be made righteous?… How can we come to Christ? What shall we do? Repent! Be so sad that your heart knows you are sad so sad that you don’t want to do it again. Sometimes we are sad because we are scared of suffering for what we have done. We have to hate what we have done enough to ask God to help us not to do it again. “Repent … and be converted that your sins may be blotted out.”

Acts 3:19

5 thoughts on “Irregular white margins on Kohuhu leaves with sorbet orange Viola.

  1. What a gorgeous little vase and arrangement! We have lots of critters around the take bites out of everything – big critters and small ones🙄
    “ Be so sad that your heart knows you are sad so sad that you don’t want to do it again.” Exactly. Well said.


  2. Yes, to come to that realisation and take the turning point away from the sin or hurt and then find forgiveness and peace is not always easy but very healing and warming for sure😇
    I love your arrangement with the violas Beautiful table centre piece🙏🏻


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