Succulents or Cacti? Try Sedum?

In the gift of Jesus, God gave all heaven.

E.G. White. Desire of Ages pg 565
Which one to choose? A succulent or Cacti. All Cacti are succulents but not all succulents are cacti.
This is the succulent I chose. A Sedum. All Sedums have succulent leaves, but beyond that the genus is unbelievably varied. The leaves are eyebrow penciled in black and brown with soft grey hairs all over the green. Serated edges then finish off the look. A treat to notice.
The Sedum is in my tea cup. It was chosen and bought for me by my three young, beautiful colleagues, when I was left like the dregs in a tea cup to enjoy their youthful, enthusiasm and creativity. A warmth I will always remember.❤

PS What I really need is an old well used book on blogging. I hope my second hand bookshop has one. Nice and simple and so clear that the first owner knows they will never need it again. I want to know the knowable way to get to the unknowable. My hope…

2 thoughts on “Succulents or Cacti? Try Sedum?

  1. There are such lovely succulents. I like the ones you chose. What would we do without Jesus?!
    Your blog-book comment is hilarious! 😁


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